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Ask me anything   My friends felt like I didn't have enough distractions in my life. So they introduced me to this. >:D I am clearly doomed since I am completely incapable of managing my time already.

I am unprejudiced when it comes to music (for the most part). I laugh for HOURS on end at (literally) the stupidest things. I am, at once, lazy and energetic. Some girl at a retreat said to me once, "You know, you're really funny. Like REALLY." and it was the most flattering thing I've ever heard



Natalia Kills ran her mouth today about how “All About That Bass” is a song that bullies and victimizes thin girls. I then ran my mouth about how that is a load of bullshit on a variety of levels. (x)


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promoting body positivity for larger girls:


doing so by throwing skinny girls under the bus, calling thinner girls “fake”, or insisting that being bigger is “what men really want” (implying that any female body type is only good if it has male approval):


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Anita Sarkeesian is the creator of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, a YouTube video series examining gender tropes in video games. The series was financed via crowdfunding, and acquired notoriety when its Kickstarter campaign triggered a wave of sexist harassment against Sarkeesian.

When Sarkeesian raised nearly $160,000 using Kickstarter, there was an immediate backlash from members of the gaming and internet communities. Commenters on her YouTube and Facebook pages wrote hateful comments, threats of violence, and death threats.

A game that appeared on popular Flash game website Newgrounds allowed players to virtually assault Sarkeesian by clicking on her face, effectively “beating her up.” As players continued to click the picture, scars, bruises, and lacerations would appear on a photograph of Sarkeesian,

On August 26th, Sarkeesian received a series of graphic threats [trigger warning: rape, violence, sexist slurs] as seen here.

You can show your support of Anita Sarkeesian by donating to her organization, Feminist Frequency, by clicking here.

Feminist Frequency is a 501(c)3 non profit charity, so all donations are tax-deductible.

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Do I have to hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?

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